Centacare Evolve Housing’s success is a testament to the commitment and passion of our entire workforce.

The hard work and dedication of our people in delivering our purpose are the reasons why we can make such a profound difference in people’s lives.

Our leadership team are highly qualified professionals responsible for strategic development and leadership, operational plan execution, and the high-level management of our overall performance.

Centacare Evolve Housing is governed by a board of directors with diverse skillsets and areas of expertise. Their collective knowledge steers our organisation towards achieving our strategic plan and overall vision and purpose to alleviate housing stress by delivering attainable homes; and to develop opportunities to further contribute to individual, family, and community wellbeing.

Board of Directors

Peter Cusick


Chris Ryan

Executive Director

Sister Gabrielle Morgan


Andrew McConnan


Paul Howlett


Chris Eccles


David Gunning


John Hills


Cody Burdon

Company Secretary

Our Leadership Team

Julia Mangan

Acting Chief Executive Officer

Cody Burdon

Chief Financial Officer

James Norman

General Manager Housing Operations

David Sakko

Business Performance Manager

Sarah Henley

Partnership and Development Manager

Donna Haas

Tenancy Operations Manager

Brad James

Maintenance Manager

Christina Augustine

Community Wellbeing Manager

Rebecca Woolley

Build Up Tassie Manager

Tenancy Management Team

Centacare Evolve Housing offers a broad range of housing products and services. Our tenancy management team is passionate about our key objective of providing safe and sustainable tenancies, by creating homes and places where people want to live and delivering positive outcomes for tenants.

Maintenance Team

Centacare Evolve Housing has a commitment to improving the living conditions of our tenants and to managing our assets in a way that ensures long-term viability.

Our maintenance team ensures repairs and maintenance are carried out in accordance with our high policy standards and with Residential Tenancy Act requirements. Our maintenance team also manages property upgrades and is responsible for ensuring our maintenance subcontractors maintain a high standard of work.

Community Wellbeing Team

Our community wellbeing team undertakes a wide range of community engagement and wellbeing activities. As well as a range of community activities, events and partnerships, the team includes Client Support Coordinators who work with tenants needing additional support to maintain their tenancy.

Inspiring Future Leaders is a capacity building program which is available to our tenants and to community members in the areas where we work.

Our reception team is the first point of contact for tenants and the community.

Property Development Team

Centacare Evolve Housing’s property development team is responsible for the development of our construction pipeline and delivery of building houses. They work closely with our partners and both State and Federal government to secure land, design houses and ensure construction timelines are met. In a time of housing need, the team is critical to getting new housing supply from concept through to building completion.

Build Up Tassie Team

Build Up Tassie's success is driven by a dedicated team of experienced managers and coaches with skills in youth work, counselling, construction, project planning, and teaching. The coaches deliver training, provide wellbeing supports, and deliver individual coaching to current Build Up Tassie participants, apprentices/trainees employed by our construction industry partners, and staff.

Business Performance Team

Centacare Evolve Housing's Business Performance Team oversees communications, marketing, quality, efficiency, governance, risk safety components of the organisation. This team is dedicated to continuous improvement and to ensuring we meet the standards we set as an organisation and the requirements of our many stakeholders.

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